Walking Home formed the basis for my final major project for my MA. It worked over many of the themes that I had developed during my degree and delved deeper into the influence of my father’s death over the past two years of my life.

St. Gallen has been a story I have carried with me my whole life. Home was a question mark. My father’s death had brought me closer to my place of birth and throughout my MA I was getting closer to exploring these aspects of my life.

Nostalgia, home, a sense of belonging, and a desire to dream are all universal facets of human life though, and through this personal exploration I sought to touch on these interests.

Walking Home was a simple prospect; to walk from my current place of residence back to my place of birth in Switzerland. The research and performative installation that included sculpture, writing, performance, photography, found objects and memorabilia was contained within a small wooden hut that I designed and built in homage to St. Gallus, the Irish monk who, in 641AD strayed from his pilgrimage route and set up camp in the vicinity of Switzerland that is now St. Gallen. The famous rococo abbey and library stand in his honour.

The installation was been re-worked and shown in a project space in East London in 2009. After the closing of this exhibition I set off on foot from London to St.Gallen arriving by 8th July 2009.

Reconfigured elements from the sheds were also shown in a group exhibition entitled ‘Divergence: n50.26 w03.41’ at the Star & Dove Contemporary Artspace in Bristol.

In 2011 I began a practice-based PhD using the Walking Home project as a focus. This has recently received funding from University of the Arts Falmouth. The project has developed an ongoing body of work that includes a written blog available at http://walkinghomebta.wordpress.com , a series of performance works entitled Fondue, 15 postcards sent in duplicate whilst on the journey, and a piece developed for Deptford X 2010 entitled Cake/Talk/Cake

Through Devon From a 3 day walk in Devon. 2007.

Walking Home RS. 1 Research Station, Dartington, 2008

Walking Home RS.2 Research Station, Dartington, 2008

Slide Memorial Internal shot of Research Station.

Research Station. Internal shot. 2008.

Walking Home; London Shed&A Half Gallery, London, 2009

Walking Home Shed&A Half Gallery, London, 2009

Post Card.  Reims, France, 2009.

Post Card. Freiburg, Germany, 2009.

Post Card. St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2009.

Owl.  Installation shot, Bristol, 2009.

Walking.  Devon, 2007.