A commission for Chiltern Sculpture Trail, Oxfordshire. A temporal sculpture the work was conceived as a piece whose decay and change over time was an integral part of the concept.

Between an avenue of young Beech trees in the Chiltern Hills a section of road was constructed in the proper fashion; an amount of ground was dug out; hardcore was put in place as a foundation; tarmac was laid on top using the necessary paraphernalia – a flame thrower, a hand pushed petrol driven roller, several large men; line marking paint was used to demarcate the word ‘STOP’ on the tarmac.

This piece of ‘Road’ was then simply abandoned. Left to the forest to consume, conquer, ignore… Soil crept over the edges of the tarmac, Brambles began to rake there way back over the scar, nettles’ clustered at its edges, in autumn, leaves from the surrounding trees obliterated it. Nature continues to reclaim this space, slowly destroying everything that once seemed solid, eternal and strong.

Tarmac, Paint, Bricks, Sand, Soil, Forest Detritus.

Image from the opening day, 2003. From a site visit in 2009 From a site visit 2009.