The Park Bench Reader emerged from research I was undertaking into reading, psychology and the history of language. It follows a few very simple rules and requirements;
- Choose a work of classic English literature.
- Choose a park bench in your locality and photograph it.
- Use the photograph as a poster to advertise your performance, also announcing the time, date and title to be read.
- At the announced time, sit down and commence to read to audience aloud from your chosen novel.

I undertook this performance every Sunday afternoon between February and April of 2008. Sometimes reading to no one, sometimes to strangers, and sometimes to close friends.

In June The Park Bench Reader expanded to take over the Prince Charles Pier in Falmouth town centre as part of Live Art Falmouth. I invited artists from the festival and members of the public to come to the pier with a copy of their favourite novel pick a park bench and begin to read for a duration of 30 minutes or so.

In September another development of the Park Bench Reader was played out across Greenwich Village in New York. An English Library in New York saw me arrive in the apple with 60 English novels procured from London charity shops, these were used as a library whose purpose was to encourage and promote Park Bench Readings across New York, over four days daily readings occurred in Greenwich Village Square and the surrounding area.

In October 2008 The Mobile Institute developed a performance and public reading in another version of The Reader as part of This Is Not a Gateway(TINAG) festival in Dalston, London.

Totnes, Devon Advertisment for a reading.

The Park Bench Reader Group show at CCANW

Vanity Fair, April 2008 Photogragh by Laura Wilson.

Live Art Falmouth 2008.

A reading Greenwich Square, NYC.

An English Library in New York  

Walking into Greenwich Square

George Orwell, Greenwich Square.

Gillet Square, Dalston. 2009.