On the second anniversary of my fathers’ death I produced an exhibition in The Gallery at Dartington College of Arts utilizing my fathers ashes in a performance to produce portraits on paper. The exhibition also included a variety of objects that belonged to my father and edited pieces of text written by him.

The performance was done to a small invited audience, each member of the audience was personally involved in some way in the saga of my fathers passing. They were invited by postal invitation only, no digital or new media invitation was involved.

Using a teaspoon from my childhood spoonfuls of ash were blown onto squares of spray mount on paper, the spray mount caught fragments of the ash, and they were then displayed on four black panels pre-placed on the gallery wall. Either side of the performance were two live projection screens that showed in close up, the urn of ashes and the pieces of spray-mounted paper. Afterwards these two live feeds were shown as looped films with everything left in situ as it was at the end of the performance.

This piece was reconfigured into a micro-performance for a project curated by Rebecca Birch at The Agency Gallery in Deptford, London in 2010.

Performative installation, video, objects, drawing, text, cremated remains.

Portraits of my father  

Production still

Installation still.

Performance still.