Explaining Power to a Pipeline came out of a collaborative body of practice research developed with Eleanor Wynne Davis.

The project was sparked by our Welsh background and interest in Power lines that traverse North and South Wales. In North Wales power cables run from Trawsfynydd, the site of a decommissioned Nuclear Power Station to Liverpool, and in South Wales in 2007 a development was underway to create a gas pipeline from Milford Haven to Gloucester. Each power line and source has its own impact in various forms on the local populations which these lines traverse. At the same time we were based in Devon where a smaller pipeline had popped up in the surrounding fields running from Plymouth to Exeter. These pipelines create a 30metre wide band of unusable land above them as the soil gets heated by the passing pressure of the gas to a point uncondusive for farming. The project developed a body of collaborative material that included, performance, photography, text and film.

The film entitled Explaining Power to a Pipeline has been shown at screenings in Dartington, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham, London and St. Petersburg. Please email with enquiries regarding further screenings.

Explaining Power to a Pipeline is part of the series Actions For and Against Nature, which is ongoing.


Explaining Power to a Pipeline Film still.

Caution footpath (strikethrough) Vandalised sign in North Wales.