There is a photograph I have taken that I cannot show you.

Commissioned by Artisterium in Tbilisi, and Nine Dragon Heads the title is an umbrella for a series of works on paper maps bought and found whilst travelling across Central Asia in September 2012.

The main work, dimensions 150 x 200cm, pen and gouche on map is a drawing dedicated to the work of Uzbekistan photographer Umida Akmedevah who was convicted of "slander of the Uzbek nation" for producing a documentary and photographic series displaying images of everyday rural life in modern Uzbekistan.

The work is a written description of every photograph I took whilst travelling across Uzbekistan to the Aral Sea as part of a Nomadic Residency project run by Nine Dragon Heads. Its caligraphic form also aims to reference the arabic script as well as the indicipherable alphabet of Georgia where the work was produced and is currently on show.

Four smaller works function as signposts for the larger work. Documentation of a performance I did at the opening entitled 'What could a man from the West" will follow.

Production shot  

Close up with Tashkent  

Close up with Aral Sea  

O'bekiston Respublikasi Map with pen and gouche, 2012

Installation shot with desk