Bibliotherapy for the Anthropocene is a reading group made up of two really short words and two really long ones. It is a reading group, a collective performance, a wake for a geological period we may or may not be living in. It is a performance, like a cross between a Quaker meeting group and a reconvening of the Dead Poets Society. It is deadly serious and socially awkward. It is archly comic and searching for contradiction amidst futility and hope. There will be biscuits, there will be tea, there will be really long words that are hard to say out loud, and there will be silence, in between.

There is no need to read anything in advance, there are no hand outs, nothing is photocopied or written down, everyone is welcome, anyone is welcome, we will read words from books that might make the world feel better about what we've done, and we'll think about what we've done.

For fans of... Timothy Morton, Bjork, Olafur Eliasson, J.G. Ballard, Ursula Le Guin, Brian Eno, Ted Hughes, Robert Macfarlane, Arne Naess, Felix Guattari, Aldo Leopold, Thoreau, Robin Williams, the biggies...