An ongoing series of performance works that begin on Dartmoor in 2008 when I read a poem to a stone wall. The series was developed through my ongoing collaboration with Eleanor Wynne Davis in a film called Explaining Power to a Pipeline. It has recently been developed on a project with London Field Works and Resonance FM at Outlandia in Glen Nevis where four actions were performed live and then broadcast via Resonance FM as part of a series of works under the moniker Remote Performances. Alongside artists, poets and writers such as Benedict Drew, Alec Finlay and Tracey Warr the works were developed for specific locations within Glen Nevis.

A publication will follow in 2015 alongside an exhibition at Edinburgh Art Festival.

Reading Poetry to Rocks is indebted to the work of Mandy Haggith, Gerry Loose, and Duncan Glen amongst others. Thanks to Samuel Tongue for tipping me off.

Reading Particle Physics to A River would not have been possible without the excellent work of Rev Dr John Polkinghorne.

Below images appear with thanks to Bruce Gilchrist, Louise Emslie and Michael Pederson.